Article :- Why Congress and Aamir love Turkey?

By Premendra Agrawal

18 aug 2020
Article 370 was neutralized by the Modi government of India. This was opposed by the Congress and its fellow opposition parties in India.
Apart from the Congress, Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan have protested.
All other countries of the world, whether it is Saudi Arabia or UAE or any other Muslim country have all welcomed this move of the Modi government.
Mahathir, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, who was opposed, is now repenting that he made a mistake.
The Zakir Naik whom Digvijay Singh of Congress called the peacemaker is the most wanted criminal for fugitive India.
Turkey and Pakistan are the only Muslim countries that treat hostility with India.
But it is a matter of sorrow that these two-three countries are especially dear to the Turkish Congress and Aamir Khan.
That is why we say that Rahul Gandhi can become the Prime Minister of Pakistan by contesting elections against the President of Turkey. That is why Imran Khan said on 14 February2020:
, Ó I can say with the claim that if Ardoan fought the next election in Pakistan, he would win comfortably. I saw in Parliament that MPs from the ruling party to the opposition were thumping the table when Ardoan was speaking. I have never seen before that on someone’s address, there was applause in Parliament in this way. This proves to what extent Pakistan President wants Ardowan.
Rahul Gandhi whom BJP spokesperson Narasimha Rao has termed Rahul Jinnah, because of his pro-Pakistan policies and being opposed to anti-Modiism, can be said that he can refute Imran Khan’s statement That Turkish President Ardoan will win elections in Pak.
We can say that Rahul Gandhi can become the Prime Minister of Pakistan by fighting elections in Turkey against the President of Turkey.

Aamir Khan who has reached Turkey, which has become a stronghold of anti-India, will be shooting the film with the support of the ministry there.
Anti-Congress Congress, opened office in Turkey supporting Kashmir on Pakistan.
‘Turkey’ becomes new stronghold of anti-India activities; Funding to radicalize India’s Muslims: Report.
Turkey – An enemy that is in no way inferior to Pakistan and China.
Zakir Naik contacted one of his close friends in Qatar
Controversial Aamir Khan said: afraid of India, love turkey?
Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is facing trolling on social media. Actually, superstar Aamir Khan is currently shooting for Lal Singh Chadha in Turkey and he recently met Turkish First Lady Emin Erdogan. But social media users are not happy with this meeting and are constantly trolling the actor on Twitter. Aamir Khan is called Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood, but despite this he is often surrounded by controversies. In this news, we are telling some similar controversy of Aamir Khan…
Aamir Khan’s Intolerance controversy: Aamir Khan said in 2015 that once seeing the atmosphere of the country, wife Kiran had asked if we should leave the country? Kiran was feeling scared about the safety of the child.
Aamir’s blog controversy: Many years ago, Aamir Khan wrote in his blog that when he came home, Shahrukh was licking his feet and he fed him biscuits. Actually, Aamir was talking about his dog, which he named Shahrukh.
Aamir Khan and Amitabh controversy: Aamir Khan made a very controversial statement after seeing Amitabh Bachchan and Rani Mukerji starrer film Black. Aamir had said that when he came to see the film, he got the role of Amitabh from above his head. After this statement of Aamir, he had to hear a lot from the people.
Aamir Khan film pk controversy
Aamir Khan film Peepli live controversy

Turkish President Ardoan will win elections in Pak: Imran Khan

If Rahul Gandhi contests to become Prime Minister in Pakistan, then Timur’s father Saif Ali Khan can become a proposer in the nomination papers.
Now Saif Ali Khan has named his bete Taimur.
There is also a taunt of Minakshi Lekhi on Saif: Taimur is considered cruel even in Turkey but some people keep the name of children on him.
There must have been some purpose behind this, to play a role to make Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
The reason why Saif Ali Khan named his son Taimur, (but the reason given is beyond reality)
Saif told Arbaaz Khan’s show ‘Pinch’ during the chat, ‘People think that my son’s name is after the Turkish Mongolian’ Timur ‘, but this is wrong. My son’s name is ‘Timur’ and not ‘Timur’ and this name means ‘Iron’. This means that it is a symbol of strength. There is a lot of difference between the words ‘Timur Ó and’ Timur Ó.
Saif Ali Khan should go to this link / Timurlang to improve his stated cause.

According to the above website, Timur Lang or ‘Timur’ [pure word is ‘Timur’, which in Arabic means – iron] (1336 AD – 1405 AD) was a ruler of the fourteenth century who founded the great Timurid dynasty. Timur as Emir of Samarkand in 1369 AD ascended his father’s throne.

See the traitorous character of the Congress, hating Israel supporting India and openly loving Turkey opposing India

The traitorous character of the Congress has once again come to the fore. The leaders of the party are openly aware of Turkey hating and opposing Israel who supports India. Another proof of this comes from the latest tweet by Salman Nizami, close to Rahul Gandhi. Nizami has openly admitted his hatred of Israel.

The Congress and its allies have always been known for their connivance and sympathy with terrorists and suspected organizations. For power, they also agree to join hands with anti-India forces. The Congress, which remained united in the country, recently opened its office in Turkey, the country which supported Pakistan on the Kashmir issue in the United Nations (UN). In Turkey, the office was opened in Istanbul, according to news from the Anadolu Agency. Mohammad Yusuf Khan was given the responsibility of this office. The statement issued by the party said that Mohammad Yusuf Khan will work towards strengthening the Congress organization in Turkey.

Turkey not only interfered in India’s internal affairs by raising the Kashmir issue in the UN, but also said about the alleged violation of human rights in Kashmir. After which Prime Minister Narendra Modi canceled his proposed visit and put a stop to a deal worth more than two billion dollars with a Turkish company. According to the Economic Times, last year the Ministry of External Affairs issued an advisory advising Indian citizens not to go to Turkey and caution those traveling there.

Mr. Controversial Aamir Khan, stating – Afraid in India, love turkey?

Aamir Khan did not wish for Independence Day, but he had plenty of time to spend with the Turkish first lady. It seems that Kiran and Aamir have found their new home, because India is intolerant.
‘In today’s time, Turkey’s stance is completely anti-India. The government has not advised for any kind of Turkish travel. An Indian superstar has met with the Turkish First Lady. What to say if the anti-national does not speak Another user wrote, ‘We need to rethink soon, who we call heroes and whom we give our hard-earned money. Should Bollywood stars have no role in giving a strong message to such countries? Aamir Khan it is disappointing. Ó Aamir Khan traitor Hazim Fatima Rasul said yesterday not to say that this traitor was not told
Actor Aamir Khan is in Turkey to shoot for his next film, Lal Singh Chadha. Turkey’s stance has been anti-India. Turkey is currently engaged in anti-India activities with Pakistan. 370, Turkey, which supports Pakistan on Kashmir issue, is funding to radicalize Indian Muslims nowadays. In such a situation, many questions are being raised about Aamir Khan’s visit to Turkey. Aamir Khan is being called a traitor on social media after he met the wife of the President of Turkey who was trying to spew venom against India and become the Messiah of Muslims.

Ptamir_Khan has gone to Turkey to shoot his next film, Lal Singh Chadha. At present, Turkey stands with Pakistan to remove Section 370 from Kashmir. Just want to tell, yesterday I did not say that I had not told about the fort.

The one we thought was Ajay Singh Rathore, turned out to be Gulfam Hasan in real life.

Mia Amir Khan will not meet the Israeli Prime Minister. His wife is scared in India, but with the Begum of the Turkish Khalifa, he arrives at his house to have a cup of tea… One thing is clear, no matter how much an Islamic person becomes a morden. He does not give up the bigotry of his religion ….!

Traitor Aamir Khan with Begum of President Erdoनan of the enemy country Turkey. His films make 2000 crores in China..Shooting takes place in Turkey..Dder seems to be in India.

Aamir Khan meets the first lady of Turkey on 15 August. Keep in mind that Turkey is a friend of Pakistan and has made many statements against Kashmir continuously against India. The cleaning of Sanatan and the anti-Bollywood culture of Indian culture requires that the entire Khan-gang be boycotted.

The world knows that Turkey is a country opposed to India and it stands openly with Pakistan. The one whom we have given wealth respect to by making him a hero and the one who is scared in his country, Aamir Khan is meeting with the first lady of Turkey. -When will we understand? Patgaddar_Con this time tearing Lalachadda’s bag

Aamir Khan, the traitor met by Pt. Turki’s husband_Lady, is trying to radicalize Indian Muslims. Patpak_ka_nayar Aamir Khan arrives in the anti-India country of Turkey in lockdown.

On one side, Turkey is giving anti-India statements in support of Pakistan on Kashmir and on the other side Amir Khan is embracing in Turkey. This kind of action compels us to call Amir Khan a traitor and a traitor.

In the strong democratic country of India, which is afraid, and Islamic fundamentalist, anti-India, pro-Pakistan and terrorism base has been withdrawn after the removal of Article 370, Aamir Khan is feeling safe in Turkey. How long will they get support?

Along with Aamir Khan, as many as two other Khans are the so-called stars, they are P? M of Israel. But Aamir Khan went to Turkey to meet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s wife Ni Amin Erdogan. Those who understand should understand. Jewish guests are why you won’t meet.

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