Congress should learn- Pakistan and Former PM of Malaysia apologizes for opposing Article 370: Shah Faisal’s remorse

The mistake is made by every human, and it is natural, but very few people have the courage to accept that mistake. Former Malaysian President Mahathir Mohammad is now repenting, opposing India. In the same way, Pakistan has messed with Saudi Arabia regarding the Kashmir issue and now it is apologizing.
Shah Faisal also surrendered in front of the new truth, said – No power to return to Kashmir before 5 August.
Will Congress now take all these lessons?
In an interview, he has admitted that not only did he have a rift in relations between India and Malaysia because of his bravado but now he is repenting for it.
Pakistan, Pakistan’s Chief Chief Bajwa, will now go to Riyadh to apologize to Saudi Arabia, after Pakistan has messed with Saudi Arabia in the context of the section 370, trapped in the trap of fundamentalist fundamentalist Islamic countries Turkey and Malaysia.

Aamir Khan who has reached Turkey, which has become a stronghold of anti-India, will be shooting the film with the support of the ministry there.
Anti-Congress congress, opened office in Turkey supporting Kashmir on Pakistan.
‘Turkey’ becomes new stronghold of anti-India activities; Funding to radicalize India’s Muslims: Report.
Turkey – An enemy that is in no way inferior to Pakistan and China.
Zakir Naik contacted one of his close friends in Qatar
According to the big revelation about the funding of fugitive Zakir Naik, Zakir Naik recently approached one of his close in Qatar and asked for $ 5 lakh fund. Not only this, it is being told that Pakistan is also providing financial help to Zakir Naik through countries like Turkey and Qatar. Pakistan is resorting to its good relations with Turkey and Qatar for this.
And it is not hidden from anyone that at the behest of Pakistan, Turkey started the propaganda game against India after the removal of Section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Even Turkey has been trying to save Pakistan from being blacklisted in Snrnjsn.
Investigations are going on against Zakir Naik in India due to money laundering and hateful statements, but knowing that Malaysia is not ready to hand him over to India. It is being told that Zakir Naik has bank accounts in several Gulf countries, including Qatar and UAE, through which he transfers money to Dhkrasan and other organizations.

Bengaluru was burnt yesterday, but the freedom of expression contractor shut up?

In Bangalore, the house of Srinivas Murthy, a Dalit Congress MLA, burns a fierce mob of Muslims. Congress seems to be standing with the fanatics instead of standing with him .. The Dalit love of the Congress is just pretense. Those who give the hollow slogan of Bhima-Mim, see Dalits as vote banks are silent. Why the hell?
To compensate for the damage done to the property by rioters in Bengaluru, Surya gave the example of Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, other Karnataka and outside Karnataka leaders have also suggested. It is heartening that Karnataka ministers
Minister CT Ravi while talking to the media said, ‘I believe it is a planned riot. Thousands of people gathered within an hour of putting the disputed post on social media and damaged the MLA’s residence and 200 to 300 vehicles. We will take strict action in this matter. This is a planned event. SDPI is behind this. Ó We will recover the loss of property destroyed by rioters on the lines of Uttar Pradesh.

Umbrin Zaidi’s reaction to the Bengaluru violence is also appreciated: – Our Profit even in his life, these people had so much abuse on his mouth, even then he did not react,
In his video, Ambrin Zaidi further said that I want to know where this poison from your brain is coming from. Who is instigating you Because we have also read the Quran that you have read. Seeing a post like this, we do not go out to kill. Why are you leaving? This is your brainbashing. this is wrong. This is not acceptable to Allah. Make up your mind. You are playing in the hands of those who do not want peace in the country.
After a Facebook post in Bengaluru on Tuesday, people from the Muslim community created a terror ordeal in the city. Muslim rioters set fire to two police stations, hundreds of vehicles along with the Congress MLA’s house. In many areas of the city fiercely broke and arson. These people continued to play the game of violence between the slogans of Allah-Hu-Akbar and Nara-e-Takbir. But the biggest thing is that the people of the Left, Congress-backed secular, Liberal, award comeback and piecemeal gang are keeping silence on this incident. These people talking about brotherhood are silent about this incident.
But this is what the people of the Secular-Liberal gang call the Hindus’ insult to the gods and goddesses as Freedom of Speech. Defends articles and films that play with the feelings of Hindus.
Offensive comment on Facebook against Lord Ram in Assam
Mother Durga was called sex worker in JNU
Faith in Kerala through sexy Durga film
Disgrace of faith in films]
Bollywood films usually try to discredit Hindus, sages and saints by showing them as traitors and rapists. Joking in the name of God. In the name of freedom of expression is played with the feelings of Hindus.
Accused of insulting Hindu faith in Mahesh Bhatt’s film Road 2: Akkak demands action.
There has been a debate in Twitter too that those who remain silent on the insult of Hindu deities are now silent on the violence in Bengaluru. Why so?

Pak Army Chief will go to Saudi to apologize

To persuade Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa will go to Riyadh next week. Pakistani foreign ministers trapped in their own country by making statements on Saudi, Opposition parties also surrounded “We raised you, we will break your knees” on Kashmir issue, Arab countries have abandoned Pakistan
Pakistan made a big mistake by messing with the old masters for its new Turkish state. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had said that, if Saudi-led Islamic organization, Hadhrasht did not surround India on Kashmir issue, Pakistan would Will join countries that are with him on this issue. In response, Saudi has now banned oil and loans to Pakistan. Pakistan has been continuously pressurizing Saudi-led leaders to take an anti-India stand. Pakistan is insisting on calling a meeting of the best foreign ministers on the Kashmir issue. After Saudi turned down his appeal repeatedly, the Pakistani foreign minister made a statement, “If you can’t call it, I will ask Prime Minister Imran Khan to call a meeting of the Islamic countries that stand with us on the Kashmir issue.” Are ready to be and support the afflicted Kashmiris. “
Clearly, Imran Khan’s government is pointing to the creation of a new organization of separate and pro-Turkish Muslim countries from the Saudi faction. Saudi has taken this step against it.
All the major countries of the war did not raise the matter in the meeting of Pakistan despite repeated insistence of Pakistan after the withdrawal of Article 370. Not only this, when Pakistan tried to surround the Indian government with the so-called growing Islamophobia in India, Maldives openly defended India, saying, “Through personal comments and social media of some people driven by selfishness The misleading information being spread does not represent the sentiments of 130 crore people. “
At the same time, Thelmiza Hussain, a permanent representative of Maldives in the United Nations, said that talking about Islamophobia in India is not factually correct. He said, “Islam has been in India for centuries and India is the second largest religion by number, with a population of 14.2 percent of the total population.” Barring Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia, almost all Muslim countries were with India. Pakistan is unable to digest the same thing.

Former Malaysian President Mahatir Muhammad’s arrogance

I WION Mahathir shared many things in a special conversation with Palkhi Sharma Upadhyay, a correspondent from Akhidhrahhri. When asked if India and Malaysia’s relations behind supporting Pakistan had deteriorated, he stated categorically, “Absolutely not. I think the situation was worsened by the statements I made on Kashmir” –
Let me tell you that when the General Assembly of the UN was organized in 2019, Mahathir Muhammad made a disputed statement on Kashmir. Opposing the repeal of Article 370, he not only said that India not only attacked Kashmir by doing so, but also supported Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir. Apart from this, Mahathir Muhammad also proved the extent to which he could go to his hekki by sheltering anti-India elements, especially terrorist supporters Zakir Naik and opposing the CAA. But Mahatir’s arrogant nature overshadowed him, as India first hurt the Malaysian economy by stopping the import of palm oil and then under pressure from the Malaysian public, Mahathir had to resign from his post in March.
But Mahathir did not stop there. In his conversation with Ahmad, he also told how the world should understand India better under the leadership of PM Modi. According to Mahatir, “He did an excellent job internationally but we have to understand India better under his leadership, because he is not at all like other Prime Ministers”.
. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad, who spewed poison on Kashmir, has now made a big statement about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mahathir Mohamad has admitted that his statements on Kashmir led to tension in his country’s relations with India. Mahathir also said that under his leadership apart from this the relations between the two countries were very good. Please tell that Mahathir was at one time the longest serving elected leader of the world. He is trying to make a comeback. He said that he has been making comments about matters around the world.

#hindugods debate in twitter

kuleshkumbhkar #???????????? @kuleshkumbhkar
How many people were attacked and cities burnt when an
entire movie degrading Hindu Gods was done by Muslim Amir
Khan? Does this justify mob lynching and riots?


KY @KyYadhu
Karnataka Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivas murthy house
attacked by peaceful people for a controversial post on Prophet
Muhammad by one of his relative. In TN, DMK/DK/NTK mocking
our Hindu gods and still Hindus are called intolerance people.

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Chiru Bhat | ???? ??? @mechirubhat
How all this happened? Muzammil Pasha, SDPI
District General Secretary, Glass Jaffer, with their
gang of goons had come to DJ Halli Police Station to
lodge a complaint Naveen related to FB POST. Right
after that addresses huge mob through
Loudspeaker. #Bengaluru #BengaluruRiot
8:49 AM · Aug 12, 2020 @OpIndia_com
SDPI blames Bengaluru Police for riots, claims delay in filing
complaint against Naveen for Facebook post ‘angered’ the

HinduJagrutiOrg @HinduJagrutiOrg
Before this, @amazon
was selling Indian Flag printed on shoes. Now
@amazonIN selling face masks with Indian Flag printed on
them. We all know what would happen when we have discard our
masks. Let’s protest lawfully against it !
4:38 PM · Aug 12, 2020

Bengaluru violence SDPI leader Muzammil Pasha arrested

SDPI, the political arm of the Popular Front of India (PFI)

Vijayan warned against the infiltration of extremist organizations in Kerala:

Vijayan had said on 3 February 2020 that there were extraordinary demonstrations against the citizenship law in the southern state and most of these demonstrations were conducted in a peaceful manner. But there is a group called SDPI in our state which thinks in an extremist way.

Vijayan said that they are not only indulging in violence but are also trying to divide people and disturb communal harmony. It has come to the notice of the government that the members of the SDPI are trying to enter the demonstrations and mislead the issues at many places.

Political Branch of Popular Front of India (PFI) SDPI

Mewani took donations from the political wing of PFI?

Dec. 7, 2017

PFI-SDPI responsible for CAA violence, police network of organizations

Meerut: Names of organizations like PFI and SDPI have emerged as the masterminds of violence in western Uttar Pradesh. The Meerut police has sent four people of both these organizations to jail, including the state president of SDPI. After which the SITs under the leadership of SP Crime are being investigated and other operatives of these organizations are being investigated. It is believed that many more arrests will be made by the workers of these organizations.

Jan 17, 2020-08-12

Terrorist module busted in Bengaluru, six SDPI members arrested

A terrorist module has been busted in Bengaluru with the arrest of six members of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) who allegedly attempted to murder an RSS worker who participated in a rally in support of the CAA on 22 December. . A terrorist module has been busted in Bengaluru with the arrest of six members of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), who allegedly attempted to assassinate an RSS worker who attended a rally in support of the CAA on 22 December. . Police gave this information on Friday. Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao told reporters here that those arrested were identified as Irfan, Syed Akbar, Syed Siddiqui, Akbar Basha, Sanaullah and Sadiq Amin alias Sound Amin. All of them hail from the KG Halli area of ​​the city. Prominent speakers at the CAA support rally held last month included BJP MP from Bangalore South Tejashwi Surya and right-wing leader Chakraborty Sulibele.

Government of Karnataka is considering banning PFI and SDPI. 27 2019 7

10 4, 2018 – Congress draws support from traitors in Karnataka elections: Amit Shah

On the last day of the Karnataka assembly election campaign, BJP national president Amit Shah accused the Congress party of tying up with the traitors in the pretext of SDPI and PFI. He said that there is a big difference in ideology between BJP and Congress. We can lose the election but in no case will we take support of the traitors.

Shah said, “Members of the Social Democratic Party of India and Popular Front of India withdrew the form in support of the Congress. The president of the Congress talks about adding the country, but two of his candidates were seeking votes along with the forces that broke the country. We will lose the election but will never seek the support of SDPI and PFI to win the election. This is the difference between Congress and BJP. The Congress also did not refrain from seeking support from the traitors.

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