Article :- Has Rahul Gandhi become a devotee of China ever since he signed a MoU with the Chinese Communist Party?

According to today’s news:

The Supreme Court’s question to Congress on the deal with China, how can a party sign an MoU with a government?

The top court commented on the signing of the MoU with China. The court said that how can any political party sign a ‘MoU’ with China? A bench headed by Chief Justice SA Bobde said that he had never heard of any foreign government entering into an agreement with a political party.

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation has also received donations from the Communist Party of China and the Embassy of China. Rahul Gandhi has met Chinese ambassador twice secretly during the Doklam dispute.

During the religious visit to Mansarovar, he met the Minister of China. All this if not devotion to China, what else?

Rahul Gandhi said on August 6 – Forget standing in front of China, there is not much courage in Karku to take name.

By making such statements, Rahul Gandhi is insulting not only the Prime Minister of India but also the glorious history of the Indian Army.

This is not the first time that he has shown devotion to China. Attack on Modi, Rahul’s Ladakhi Congressman. This fake news was also circulated some time ago by Rahul Gandhi.

The Gandhi Foundation belongs to the village of Italy’s birthplace of Sonia Gandhi. Kejriwal’s NGO Kabir received a donation from the Gandhi Foundation. That is why till date Kejriwal has never spoken a word against Sonia Gandhi.

On July 7, 2020, the Defense Ministry also made a comment:

Congress is insulting the army under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi!

The manner in which the game of politics is being played on social media under the leadership of Congress and especially Rahul Gandhi in the changed scenario after a bloody clash with Chinese soldiers in Galvan Valley of East Ladakh, seems an insult to the Indian Army. Whereas in such an environment, all political parties should unite and be ready to crush the forces that raise their heads against the country. On the other hand, the Army has also said that some such tweets are being done on social media about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Leh and meeting soldiers.

BJP chief JP Nadda shared the timeline of the Congress’ interrogation and its alleged engagement with China for the continued attack on the Center over the stalemate by former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi. Referring to the photograph of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi allegedly signing an agreement with the Chinese CCP, Nadda said that he handed over India’s land to China shortly thereafter. He then reminded that Rahul had visited the Chinese Embassy even after the Doklam crisis came to the fore.

The Wayanad MP is trying to divide the morale of the army even after the Indian government appealed to divide and remain united. He also asked whether Rahul’s rhetoric on China was the “influence” of the MoU, which Congress had signed with the Communist Party of China.

Meanwhile, senior advocate Mahesh Jethmalani called for an NIA probe into the deal signed between the Congress and the Communist Party of China during Rahul and Sonia Gandhi’s visit to the Beijing Olympics, with current Chinese President Xi Jinping also in the photo.

Earlier on Saturday, Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter and accused the Prime Minister of surrendering Indian territory to a Chinese invasion. In a furious response, Home Minister Amit Shah shared a message from the father of an injured soldier, in which the old man told the Gandhi family to refrain from politics in matters of security of the army and the country. Rahul Gandhi was schooled by EAMS Jaishankar on various agreements between India and China when he falsely claimed that Indian soldiers were ‘unarmed’ in the Galvan valley. He then issued a ‘Surender Modi’ attack on the Prime Minister.

Ladakh Congress councilor arrested in viral disputed audio case, made ‘objectionable’ remarks on India-China tension

A councilor of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council Kargil was arrested on Saturday morning over a ‘very objectionable’ audio clip over the India-China border dispute. Officials said that this audio has made fun of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the army in the wake of the recent violent clash between India and China. This audio went viral on social media.

Officials said that this action was taken against the councilor Zakir Hussain from Shakar area in Kargil district after the police lodged an FIR on Friday. He said that the councilor, however, publicly apologized for his statement. Hussain was a Congress worker for a long time and the party has expelled him on this issue.

The Supreme Court’s question to the Congress on the deal with China, how can a party sign an MoU with a government?

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday questioned the Congress ‘agreement’ with China. The top court commented on the signing of the MoU with China. The court said that how can any political party sign a ‘MoU’ with China? A bench headed by Chief Justice SA Bobde said that he had never heard of any foreign government entering into an agreement with a political party.

On the question of the Chief Justice, it was said on behalf of lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani that this agreement is from one political party to a political party of another country, to which the Chief Justice replied that you did not say this in your petition. We are giving you a chance to change your petition and withdraw it.

At the same time, the court refused to hear the application seeking the investigation of this MoU from NIA or CBI and asked to take the matter to the High Court.

Explain that an MoU was signed between the Congress and the Communist Party of China (CPC) on August 7, 2008. The agreement between the Congress Party and the Chinese Communist Party came to light amid a dispute with China. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has always questioned this agreement.

Home Ministry formed a committee to investigate the three foundations of Gandhi family

Home Ministry constitutes Inter-Ministerial Committee for investigation

Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT), Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust (IGMT), Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) to be investigated

PMLA, Income Tax Act, FCRA rules are alleged to be in violation

Sonia Gandhi, son Rahul and daughter Priyanka are the officials in these trusts

• The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) was established in June 1991, and focused on five core areas, including literacy and the promotion of science and technology.

• Registered as a non-profit organization, the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT) was established in 2002 with the objective of addressing the “development needs of the underprivileged in the country, especially the rural poor”.

• Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust, as detailed on its website, was established in 2001 with a special focus on education.

The Union Home Ministry has constituted an inter-ministerial committee to probe the allegations of three lengthy trusts, two of which are headed by Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Three trusts – Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF), Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust and Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust – have alleged acts for breach of the Income Tax Act, Money Laundering Act and Foreign Contribution Act.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has also confirmed that the Special Director of Enforcement Directorate will head the committee, which also includes the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).a

Annual return

According to the latest annual return filed by RGF in December 2019, the NGO received zero foreign donations in 2018-19, but the total foreign contribution to its account, carried over from previous years, is 0 14,03,64,727.

The annual returns filed by RGCT show that it received 23,24,35,975 from foreign donors in 2018-19 and the total donations to its FCRA account was -1985,13,65,166.

In 2018–19 a large portion of RGCT’s foreign donations – 6 23,06,03,400 – came from the US-based Bill Melinda Gates Foundation.

The RGCT website states that it is a “registered, not-for-profit organization” and was “established in 2002 to meet the development needs of the country’s underprivileged, especially the rural poor.”

BJP’s charge

Recently, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party alleged that RGF has received donations from the Chinese Embassy continuously from 2006 to 2009.

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation’s black letter: Huwei connection, connection to George Soros intervening in Qatar and internal affairs

According to the annual report of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation for the year 2018-19, the Bharti Foundation was one of the organizations that donated it. At that time, the Bharti Foundation was also in partnership with Huawei, which has extensive ties with China.

‘Gandhi Trust investigation’ GETS BIGER. The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation received donations from both Mehul Choksi and Yes Bank. • GVK Industries donated money to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation between 2006–2007; In 2006, Mumbai Airport signed the deal. • NSEL funder (Jignesh Shah) donated in 2011;

Bal Gangadhar Tilak said ‘Swaraj is my birthright’ and Kang’s ‘Balak’ says ‘corruption is my birthright and no one has the right to accuse my family of corruption’. Says Sambit Patra, BJP’s national spokesperson. #GandhiTrustProbe

RGF – A Tool to Kill Hinduism with Hindu Money

The media has brought to light the alleged violations by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and two other trusts run by Gandhi.

However, none of them has exposed the deep malfunction in RGF. And, what is that malaise? This is a deep hatred towards Hindus and Hinduism.

The funds received from RGF, Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust and Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust, public sector units (mostly Hindus) and foreign donors were used for anti-Hindu activities,

Why do we say this?

Browsing through the RFG pages, one comes across the names of donors and board members, who not only do great harm to our national security, but also the existence of Hinduism.

Who are the foreign donors and board members?

To name a few, they are: Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, P Chidambaram and Suman Dubey (RGF Board Member), Embassy of China, Government of China, Huawei Partner Bharti Foundation (Anti-Right Donors), Urban Naxals and Associate Human Rights Law Network of Kashmir separatists, Institute of Open Society, Aman Fraternity Trust of Harsh Mander, Frederick Naumann Foundation, Clinton Foundation (all associated with anti-rightist George Soros) and Islamic Research Foundation of Islamic Televisionist Dr. Zakir Naik.

These board members and organizations are not only anti-India, but also anti-Hindu in their actions.

During the UPA regime, Harsh Mander was part of the National Advisory Council which drafted the Anti-Hindu Communal Violence Bill. Not only this, he was the most vocal advocate against CAA, an act that empowers persecuted Hindus who migrated to India from neighboring Islamic countries.

He had also made an appearance in the Shaheen Bagh protests.

On the other hand, HRLN has received huge funding from Christian missionary organizations and foreign governments.

At the same time, it is campaigning against Indian sedition laws with Naxalite organizations and has strong links with Kashmir’s separatists, besides providing free legal aid to Rohingyas living illegally in India.

Zakir Naik – No one can deny his anti-Hindu barbarism.

What do these revelations tell us?

They tell us about the betrayal of the RGF, a platform that was used to kill Hinduism with Hindu money. Period.

Links to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Ford Foundation, donations from many foreign govts and potential supporters

Sonia Gandhi’s relations with Clinton Foundation

The RGCT’s ties to the Democratic Party go much deeper than mere donors. One of its technology partners is the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), which was floated by the scamster Clinton Foundation (CF). CF was founded by former US President Bill Clinton and corruption in its management was one of the primary reasons why voters in 2016 found Hillary Clinton so unreliable while failing for the presidency.

In this complex series of events, another organization marks its entry, the Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Yojana (RGMVP). The RGCT website states, “RGMVP entered into a non-financial partnership with CHAI to train community members on diarrhea management in 31 blocks within Rae Bareli and Amethi districts.”

Not Just China: RGF also received funding from other foreign governments

Over the years, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation has also received donations from the governments of Ireland, Luxembourg and the European Union. From the point of view of national security and sovereignty, it makes no sense that Indians should only be concerned when China donates to RGF. Donations from other governments are also a cause for concern.

In addition, RGF has also received donations from several other questionable sources. Sources say that a great deal of money was received from Frederick Naumann Stiftung. The FNS is a liberal organization based in Germany that is closely associated with the liberal political establishment in the country and is a major donor to the RGF.

Donations to RGF from foreign governments when the foundation was managed by top officials of the Government of India posed a serious threat to national security and sovereignty. We now know that the Congress Party signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2008 with the Chinese Communist Party and the African National Congress for greater ties. Were similar MoUs signed with parties from Western countries who donated to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation as part of the arrangement?

If the answer is in confirmation, then the question is what did they get in return? Even in the absence of such MOUs, it is very difficult to see such donations as anything other than investment by foreign governments to achieve certain foreign policy objectives. It can hardly be called anything other than the quid pro quo in favor of the Indian government, which was then controlled by the Congress party.

The Ministries of the Government of India donated to RGF during the UPA regime

Apart from such organizations, RGF has also received huge donations from several government institutions. The Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund is one of them, but their annual reports show that the RGF had many moves when the UPA was in power

Funds were received from our ministries. The ministries that RGF had partners with and donated to include ministries of environment and forests, health and family welfare, small scale industries and even the Ministry of Home Affairs. This is all very disturbing.

It is not clear how this can be seen other than the appropriation of public funds by senior leaders of the Congress party through the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. They may not have broken any law, but it is certainly unethical for the government to transfer its funds to an NGO, which is controlled by the same people. It is corruption, plain and simple.

Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust

And it is not just the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation which is a cause for concern here, the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust operates in this way. It is also necessary to note that the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust does not appear in the FCRA database of the Ministry of Home Affairs till the year 2011-12. And in the same year, FCRA donation for RCF falls to zero, while RGCT records over Rs. 23 crores in donations.

The trend remained the same in the coming years. The RGF registered zero foreign donations, while the RGCT recorded crores of funds. The Board of Trustees of RGCT consists of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Thus, on the face of it, it appears that it was decided that RGCT would be the primary receiver of funds going forward.

Scams have their fair share in RGCT. It has received a lot of donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. One of its major donors is the Rural India Supporting Trust based in the United Kingdom. In this regard, a certain American donor creates great concern. Sridhar Potaraju has given Rs. 11.7 lakhs to RGCT in 2013.

Sridhar Potarazu was a major Democrat donor in the United States who was sentenced to ten years in prison in 2017 for a fraud worth $ 49 million. He was a major moneymaker for the Democratic Party as well as its leaders Hillary Clinton and former US President Barack Obama. Potarazu was nominated to the Committee of Significant Credentials at the 2016 Democratic Convention.

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