Sushant Singh Rajput’s father released video – he told Mumbai Police, Sushant is in danger

04 aug 2020

WhatsApp chat between Sushant’s family and police surfaced online

03 August 2020, Monday – A video from Times Now shows WhatsApp messages sent by a family member of Sushant Singh Rajput, a Mumbai Police officer, in February. His life is in danger, one message is read while another reads, the idea is that he should not get hurt. ” Messages were sent by Times Now OP Singh, brother-in-law of Sushant.

On 25 February, OP Singh, brother-in-law of Sushant Singh, IAS officer, Hariyanya police of Mumbai-Bandra police, had informed the Bandra police officer through the said WhatsApp through WhatsApp and the approval of that Whatsapp was also given by Bandra police. .

Sushant Singh Rajput’s father released a video claiming that he had lodged a complaint to the Bandra DGP on February 25, through WhatsApp that his son Sushant Singh Rajput’s life was in danger. His links have also been shared with his photo.

Late on Sunday, SP Vinay Tiwari along with his team was questioning any suspects associated with Sushant Singh Rajput. During this time, the BMC team reached there and quoted the Quarantine to the SP and then stamped his hand. This case caught a lot of tension, now there is a lot of debate on the matter. This action of BMC is also being seen as a conspiracy.

According to the order given before the Delhi High Court and other available laws, the police officer is obliged to take any information from the digital medium, whatsapp email, etc., to act as an FIR.

It is surprising that the IG of Mumbai Police said on the claims of Sushant Singh Rajput’s father to alert the police in February: No such written complaint was made to Bandra Police Station. During the discussion in the media, the question has been raised whether action should not be taken on the lies of Mumbai Police?

According to Times Now: Sushant Singh Rajput’s ambulance driver told that the actor’s body was wrapped in a sheet before he arrived

Dead body taken to Cooper Hospital instead of Nanavati

In this video, the ambulance driver told that Sushant’s body was first to be taken to Nanavati Hospital but later he was taken to Cooper Hospital. Know that the Cooper Hospital is about 8 kilometers from where Sushant lived and why there were many other hospitals near the actor’s house, then why his body was not taken there and taken to Cooper Hospital. On this, the Dean of Cooper Hospital said that this is a Maharashtra Government Hospital and hence Sushant’s postmortem was done in this hospital.

No outsider in Mumbai will be safe if Sushant’s killer is not found: Team Kangana
Team Kangana Ranaut has said, “I want to tell the PMO … If we do not find the killer of Sushant Singh Rajput, then no outsider in Mumbai will be safe … Please intervene and handle the matter. ?? At the same time, on quarantining an IPS officer from Bihar to Mumbai to investigate Sushant case, Team Kangna said, what is this?… Gunda Raj?

Sushant Singh Rajput’s father has finally released a video, breaking his silence. In this video, Sushant’s father KK Singh is seen saying that Sushant Singh Rajput’s life was in danger and he told this to Mumbai Police.

Mr. KK Singh said in this video that I had informed the Bandra Police on February 25 that my son’s life was in danger. He died on 14 June.


After this, I again asked the Mumbai Police to take action against the names taken in my complaint of 25 February. It has been 40 days but no action has been taken so far. That is why I filed an FIR in Patna.

In the Sushant Singh Rajput case, Mumbai Police and Bihar Police have come face to face. At the same time, after the exit of fresh new facts, the suspicious role of the Mumbai Police in this case is seen, due to which people are not expecting a fair investigation.

Sushant’s father’s FIR

We have shown you the FIR of Sushant Singh Rajput’s father against Riya Chakraborty. In this FIR, Sushant Singh Rajput’s father has requested a fresh inquiry into the entire matter and has raised seven big questions against Riya and her family, which is requested to be thoroughly investigated.

How did you become mentally ill?

In these allegations, Sushant’s father wrote – Before 2019, when my son Sushant Singh Rajput did not have any brain problem, what happened suddenly after coming in contact with Riya was that Sushant Singh had a lot of brain trouble. It should be investigated.

Why did I not get permission?

If during this time he was mentally disturbed or had any mental treatment, then why did we not take written or verbal permission in this regard because when a person is mentally ill, all his rights are with his family. . It should be investigated.

What happened?

During this time, the doctors who have treated my son Sushant Singh on the advice of Riya, I think these doctors. Was also involved in all this conspiracy with Riya. It should be investigated what they treated and which medicines were given to my son?

Why leave alone

I found out from the statement of a bank account of my son that in the last one year about 15 crore rupees have been transferred from Sushant’s bank account to another bank from which my son had nothing to do. All my son’s accounts should be investigated. How much money Riya has cheated with her family and associates by cheating and conspiracy with these bank accounts, credit cards.

How was the work reduced?

Before this episode, Sushant Singh had a full name in the acting world, so what was the reason that Sushant Singh’s films fell short after Riya’s arrival, it should be investigated.

Why threatened?

My son wanted to go to Coorg with his friend Mahesh for organic farming, for which he was looking for land. When Kiya came to know about this, she protested and threatened that she will give all your treatment paper to the media and ruin everything.

Why did you take the goods?

When Sushant protested against Riya’s threats, Riya felt that Sushant was no longer of any use, Riya went from there with laptop, cash, jewelry, credit card, medical documents, PIN number, password. This case should be investigated.

Away from home

Sushant’s father also alleged that while living in his home in Patna, he tried to talk to Sushant many times but Riya and his family thwarted all his efforts and neither allowed Sushant to come to Patna.

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