Congress is opposing France in India

31 October 2020
Jinnah had founded the League of Muslin before independence due to the policy of Muslim appeasement. The desire to make a Prime Minister was the part of India that Nehru accepted. Soniaji is adopting the same path, to make Rahul ji the Prime Minister in son’s fascination. That is why Rahul fought the Muslim League election from Wayanad. This is the spurt from Priyanka Gandhi’s comment.
In America, Rahul Gandhi had said that in India, the threat from Lashkar is more than Hindu terrorism. Chidambaram and Shinde, the two Home Ministers of the UPA regime, had researched Hindu terrorism and for that the Congress would have given them doctoral degrees? The same result of the same votebank politics and appeasement policy is the deliberate killing of 3 BJP workers, the responsibility of Lashkar’s Child TRF.
In March this year, two new terrorist organizations were formed, one of which is TRF and the other is Tehreek-e-Millat-e-Islami (TMI). According to sources in security agencies, TRF is the frontal organization of Pakistan-backed terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. A senior official associated with the security agency said that between March-April every year such new organizations come out which disappear again in a few months. These organizations are not any new terrorist organizations, but the existing terrorist organizations, their own people form groups by different names. Their purpose is to break people of other terrorist organizations and join them.
The Muslim refugees who escaped from Syria were the highest in France, but today the same salt came down on the bastard, and only the Muslim countries are opposing France to the extent of baserism.
In France, 4 French citizens have been killed within a week so far, one beheaded the teacher for showing a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed, one strangled a woman by shouting Allah-hu-Akbar and strangling a woman and He killed two people with a knife, both these incidents have been described by the French President Emmanuel Macron as Islamic terrorism. At the same time, he has also waged a war against Islamic terrorism, India has also announced to support France.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only condemned the gruesome incidents in France, but also announced to support France in the fight against terrorism. Although the Congress party did not mind it, Congress MLA Arif Masood staged a protest against France along with thousands of Muslims.
Congress MLA Arif Masood from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh said that the President of France has hurt the Muslims living in India, so the Prime Minister of India should take a decision whether we should stop import-export from France now. During this time, a large number of people of Muslim society reached Iqbal Maidan. However, Arif Masood cannot protest without the consent of the Congress leaders.
Congress MLA Arif Masood, sharing some photos of the protests with his Twitter handle, wrote, “I have organized a program in Iqbal Maidan by the French President for abusing the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, in which thousands of Muslims The people of the community registered their protest!
Protests are taking place against France in many Islamic countries, including Pakistan, Turkey and Iran, but France has also made it clear that it will not scare away the Islamic terrorist attack but will end the fight and root out Islamic terrorism.

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