भारत के खौफ के कारण पाकिस्तान ने की थी अभिनंदन की रिहाई, सेना प्रमुख बाजवा के कांप रहे थे पैर खान मार्केट गैंग के लिबरल-सेकुलरों ने इमरान को दिया था अभिनंदन की रिहाई का पूरा श्रेय

October 30, 2020 –
The Khan Market Gang’s parties gave full credit to the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan for the release of Abhinandan, the pilot wing of India Air Force. At a time when the whole of India was praising Prime Minister Modi for the successful return of greetings, at the same time, in opposition to Modi, these parties were cheering the PM of the opposing country. But now it has been revealed that Abhinandan was released by Pakistan in awe of India.
Ayaz Sadiq, a former speaker and MP in Pakistan’s National Assembly, claimed that then Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had said that India would attack if Abhinandan Vardhaman was not left till nine o’clock at night.
Ayaz also said that Qureshi’s feet were shivering, sweat on his forehead in the meeting. It is clear that Pakistan released Abhinandan out of fear of Modi government, while Indian Liberal parties had praised Imran and declared the winner.
It is noteworthy that Navjot Singh Sidhu of Congress reached Pakistan on the invitation of his friend Dildar Imran and hugged Pak Army Chief Bajwa. Apart from this, he also gifted shawl to Imran Khan.
Before this, senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar had also visited Pakistan, so he has expressed his desire to seek help from Pakistan to remove Prime Minister Modi of India in Pakistani news channel.
Rajdeep Sardesai
We cannot do this in India, but in terms of pure optics, this time is winning the day by taking a moral high ground .. We have a strong case on terror but many of our leaders are busy counting votes. Pall .. 4:45 February 28, 2019 from New Delhi, India
Barkha Dutt I think we should welcome this gesture with the release of Pat Abhinandan. The door has been opened for diazation. And this is not really a time for dumb and unnecessary insults by TV anchors. 5:47 Reply on February 28, 2019 who knows nothing about friend Uygar
Shobha Dey 28 February, 2019
Thank you to the people of Pakistan for sending our hero back to us.
Welcome home, Abhinandan Vartaman.
Those who describe Imran’s gesture as Modi’s victory are free to live in a fool’s paradise. But the truth is that he has defeated Modi in the perception war.
6:08 February 28, 2019

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