Aamir Khan’s favorite is Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid, who makes films that dishonor Hindus, holes in the same plate.

Article – 25 oct 2020
Jaya Bachchan, the religious wife of famous actor Amitabh Bachchan, said in the Rajya Sabha that the sad thing is that some people make holes in the same plate in which they eat. This thing applies to Bollywood literally. There are many Bollywood actors and actresses, who were raised by Hindu audiences to fame. But he has always acted to deceive his Hindu audience. They also include actor Aamir Khan. Aamir Khan is a big fan of Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid, who makes films that humiliate Hindus. You can guess how Aamir Khan promotes people working against Hindus by watching this video.
In the video clip, you can hear and see how a priest has been attacked by falling down the stairs. The priest is pleading with Rama-Rama to save himself. But this request has no effect on the Muslim attacker. He is saying, “You go on doing Ram-Ram, I will say Allah-Allah.” Eventually the Muslim attacker shoots and kills the priest. Actually, this video clip is taken from the Pakistani film Musa Khan, which was released in 2001. The film stars actor, director and producer Shaan Shahid.
Aamir Khan had offered Shan Shahid to act in the film ‘Ghajini’, despite acting in an anti-Hindu film like ‘Musa Khan’, directing the film and making the film, but Shahid turned down the offer. There is a reason why Shahid turned down the offer of Aamir Khan, you will be surprised to know.
According to Shahid, “I was offered for the role of the main villain in Ghajini. But I told Aamir Khan that I would take money equal to Surya Sivakumar. Aamir Khan accepted my condition. I gave him a week’s reply. Asked to wait. After a week of consideration I turned down the offer. I told Aamir Khan that in this film I would have to be humiliated by an Indian hero. That would be an insult to me and Pakistan. “
A report by Vishnu Vardhan has been published in the website. The report claimed that Aamir Khan is very smart. He first made patriotic films such as Saraf Roche, Lagaan and Mangal Pandey to attract nationalist Indians and later started to cleverly implement his agendas through films.
Take the example of Rang De Bansati film. Anyone who saw this film started bashing Jordan Fernandes and the BJP over corruption in the defense deal.
Actor Aamir Khan is in the news once after meeting the wife of Turkish President Rajab Tayeb Erdoआनan.
When Turkish President Ardoan went to Pakistan, Imran Khan said that he could win elections in Pakistan and lose Imran Khan. After this, it was also discussed in the media that if Rahul Gandhi too contests elections in Pakistan, he can defeat both Imran Khan and Ardian.
It is worth mentioning here that the President of Turkey said in the presence of his wife, women are the only ones to have children.
Just like Rahul Gandhi, Aamir Khan also likes Turkey because Turkey and Malaysia and Pakistan are the only countries which are against India on Kashmir issue. Rahul Gandhi has also raised his Congress against the Government of India on the issue of Congress.
After this, Aamir Khan started implementing his anti-Hindu agenda through Satyamev Jayate series.
The fund collected for the heartbreak through the Satyamev Jayate Series, almost all the money went to his pet NGO or anti-India agenda working for Muslims.
We Hindus gave money to our own enemies by believing the stories of our sir.
I will give just one example of his anti-Hindu agenda in Satyamev Jayate. He showed Hindus as killers of girls. And then in this episode it showed how Muslims are getting married without dowry and hence they do not kill girls. Will it not boil in the blood of any Hindu women that our parents kill us for dowry while Muslims do not take dowry and therefore their girls are safe? Will this anger not help Muslims in love jihad?
There was not a single episode in Satyamev Jayate where Aamir has shown social evils in Islamic society. He did not make any link on burqa or triple talaq or polygamy or halala or at least how old girls are sold in Hyderabad to Mutha Vivah (temporary marriage) to teenage girls. Not a single episode on social evils in his own religion.
Satyamev Jayate was the biggest hit gimmick on India and its culture. He hit everything in India – everyone from doctors to scientists to air to water. And we clapped for him instead of getting angry at him.
Then came PK, the worst Hinduphobic film ever made. We Hindus laughed at the jokes made on our own Gods. We shed tears for a Pakistani boy who falls in love with a Hindu girl.
PK became the biggest blockbuster in Indian cinema, while Hindus used to laugh at their own gods.
The report said that after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014, Aamir Khan made a controversial statement and said that his wife is scared in India, but the great thing is that Aamir Khan is still earning crores from the Indian audience. Huh. Aamir Khan’s hidden agenda Hindus have failed to understand.

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