What is the Chinese move of Twitter and Rahul Gandhi to cover up Nehru’s sin, Aksai China, for which the Home Minister said – can even die


One of the biggest historical mistakes of the Nehru government has been the Aksai Chin 1200 km road, which was built by China on Indian soil. Straw’s papers prove that Nehru and his government, including his Defense Minister Comrade Krishna Menon, knew. Aksai Chin knew about the road beforehand.

Now Rahul Gandhi has spread the same 1200 km rut today to cover the sins of his father, Nehru, whose video is going viral in social media today.

<< When China took over a large part of India in Aksachichin by constructing 1200 km of road under Nehru, then Pandit Nehru replied that when the MP Mahavir Tyagi raised the question in the Lok Sabha, then in that area Does not grow till the piercing. What happened if China took over. After which Mahavir Tyagi said that if he does not have hair in his head, would you also dedicate it to China?

Pandit Nehru joined hands with Jinnah in the longing of becoming Prime Minister and accepted the partition of India.

(1) Now Rahul Gandhi has joined hands with China in the desire of becoming the same power-hungry Prime Minister. Twitter head Dorsey also joined him in this task. Yesterday, Twitter put our part of Jammu and Kashmir on China map.

(2) Today, Rahul Gandhi has penetrated 1200 kilometers of China, that is, he has captured Delhi.

(3) The important part of Jammu and Kashmir is ‘Aksai Chin’, for which the Home Minister Amit Shah said – can even die.

Aug 06, 2019 – Home Minister Amit Shah said on Tuesday that entire Jammu and Kashmir including Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) and Aksai Chin is an integral part of India. He targeted the Congress and said that if it does not consider PoK to be a part of India, we are ready to give life for it.

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