Mysterious Meetings: Priyanka was met by Nalini in jail on 19 March 2008, today Rahul met the family of Siddique, accused of rioting in Hathras

Article – 22-oct-2020
Nalini Sriharan, who has been in jail for the last 25 years for her involvement in the conspiracy to assassinate former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, told in a book that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was crying when she came to visit him and asked him ‘why did you do this? Did? Ó
Janlini says that in response to Priyanka she said, ‘Madam, I don’t know anything. I can’t harm even an ant. I am just a prisoner of circumstances. I cannot think of harming anyone even in my dreams.
Congress President Rahul Gandhi had given a statement regarding the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, that he and sister Priyanka have forgiven the father’s killers.
Now BJP MP Subramanian Swamy made a big statement on Rahul’s statement ..
Swamy said that Rahul’s generosity has raised doubts about the murder. At the same time, he has also asked Sonia Gandhi why she is spending the education of the daughter of Nalini, convicted in the case. Swamy demanded a thorough investigation into the entire matter.
Kerala: Rahul Gandhi meets Siddique’s family accused of rioting in Hathras
Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi is currently in Wayanad, Kerala, his constituency, Rahul Gandhi met Siddique Kappan’s family in Kalpatta on Wednesday (October 21, 2020). According to the information, Siddique is an active member of the Kappan Protestant Islamic Organization (PFI), Siddique is also accused of hatching a conspiracy to spread ethnic riots in Hathras, UP police arrested Siddique from Mathura. Siddiqui Kappan is currently in jail on charges of treason.
Significantly, the Congress party had done politics in the Hathras case, Rahul Gandhi himself had come to meet the victim’s family, along with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, now people do not understand Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with the family of the rioter.

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