Magical Journalism Till Date, Killing Priest Was Self-Immolation

The shameless journalism has once again been seen in Rajasthan in the murder of priest . Aaj Tak first described the killing of the priest as self-immolation and then made Prime Minister Modi feel free for it. Aaj Tak
defended the Congress government of Rajasthan in this murder case, saying that if the priest had got a roof under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, he would not have died by committing self-immolation in the six world . In the defense of the Congress government, people have been unable to do this kind of misconception till date. In fact, a priest Babulal Vaishnav was burnt alive in a land dispute in Bukna village of Karauli district of Rajasthan . 

Babulal Vaishnav , the priest of Radhakrishna Govind temple, took the name of the accused Kailash Meena even before the death in the hospital, despite this The police took 24 hours to arrest the accused.
Priest Babulal Vaishnav had been worshiping for many years in this 200 year old temple of this Bukna village with a population of about 5 thousand . The village people had given some land in the name of the temple for the priest’s settlement.. 

The panchayat had also agreed to get this land named after the temple. Although Kailash Meena’s family opposed the decision, the Panchas ruled in favor of the priest. On 7 October, when some people of Kailash Meena and his family reached this flat land, the priest protested. There was a debate on this matter and Kailash Meena along with his companions sprinkled petrol on Babulal Vaishnav and opened fire.

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