Mahatma Gandhi Wanted To Dissolve Congress After Independence

01 October 2020

Mahatma Gandhi had a dream of ‘ Congress-mukt Bharat’:

In a speech on the President’s address to the Lok Sabha on 7 February 2019, Prime Minister Modi said that he has not given the slogan ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’, but it was the dream of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and this work as tribute to Mahatma Gandhi Have to do. He said that Mahatma Gandhi understood long ago, so I am just completing it. 

Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dissolve Congress after independence: proof here

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa presented the documentary evidence of Congress members in the 2 nd March 2013 2013 State Assembly to validate the argument presented on Monday that Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dissolve the century-old political party after independence.

Responding to the demand of some Congress members who sought proof that Mahatma Gandhi had advocated the dissolution of the Congress after independence, Jayalalithaa was shocked by reading excerpts from ‘The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi’ – Volume 90 . ‘

Why did the Congress not support the ultimate will of the Mahatma?

On January 27, 1948, 3 days before his assassination, Mahatma Gandhi wrote an article stating that the Congress Party should be dissolved and all its members should volunteer for an organization called Lok Sevak Sangh.

“Gandhiji had strong reasons for such a demand. Congress was started to agitate for Indian independence. It had no other mission. The party could mobilize the countrymen and draw the support of the entire country only for the reason it was fighting. Once the country was free from colonial rule, the purpose of the Congress also ended. Gandhi had asked the leaders to set up a Lok Sevak Sangh or a servant of the nation to end the organization and work for the welfare of the entire countrymen, “

It remains a mystery till today why the Congress did not take care of this last wish of the Mahatma. Does the party want to enjoy the good life by getting drunk on power? In a scenario in which there was no Congress as a political party, Gandhi encompasses a group of city dwellers, who will step in to provide the necessary political leadership to run the country.

Below is a copy of the article which appeared in the February 1, 1948 issue of The Harijan.

Another mention of this article was also published in the National Standard on 9 February 1948.

America’s Grand Grand Fathers used to say that you can vote in America only if your grandfather’s Grand Father has voted. Since the grandfather of most blacks in America had never been a Grand Father slave, this effectively meant that blacks could not vote. 

The trumpet grand father dumlos of America meant that blacks could not vote in India, trish gandhi laws meant only Nehru Gandhi Dynasty worthy of rule over India

If you belong to the clan of the ruling Gandhi then you are automatically eligible to rule the Congress party and India. It does not matter whether you have personal achievements, your characteristics or are, your thoughts or is, your vision or you. All that matters is that you are somehow associated with the Nehru-Gandhi clan and automatically you are a ruler of the Congress Party and Indians.

Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia then Rahul and then Sonia and then Rahul’s discussion: As democracy means, the Gandhi family means to the Congress by the people and to the people in the same way, the Gandhi family and For the Gandhi family.

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