The Congress And Farooq Abdullah Are Very Upset, Kashmiris Do Not Feel Indian, Preferring Chinese Rule: Why Did Rahul Gandhi Sign MoU Treaty With The Chinese Communist Party In 2008?

Congress and Farooq Abdullah do not feel Kashmiri Indians, Chinese rule is preferred: Why did Rahul Gandhi sign MoU treaty with the Chinese Communist Party in 2008?

Kashmiris do not feel Indian, prefer Chinese rule: Farooq Abdullah
“Today Kashmiris do not feel Indian nor do they want to become Indians. They are slaves. He
would have ruled Chinese instead, Farooq Abdullah
told veteran journalist and television biographer Karan Thapar in an interview. Congress and Farooq Abdullah have a lot of interest: not only the Indian Union parties of China, but also the Congress party has also been with Chon Daman. In 2008, Rahul Gandhi signed an MoU with the Unionist Party in Beijing in the presence of Sonia Gandhi on behalf of the Congress Party. The question arises as to why Rahul Gandhi signed the said rare treaty.

Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi were angered by the tweet about Adhiranjan Chaudhary, leader of the Congress Party in the Lok Sabha. Due to this, Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary also had to delete his tweet.

This is the reason why Rahul Gandhi has now done such tweets that the army did
not shoot at Chinese soldiers during the encounter on Galvan valley . BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said that Rahul
Gandhi should remember the 1996 agreement with China. If you are not educated, do not know, then sitting at home, using lockdown, you would read some books and understand the facts. At the time of the Congress governments, it was decided in the agreement with China that guns and bombs will not be used in the two kilometers range of LAC. No bullets will be fired from both, no explosives will be used, nor will soldiers be with weapons. Or is this why Congress is supporting China? The announcement of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation receiving crores of rupees from China was made by the charity, especially to the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Contemporary Studies (Kratradhistha), New Delhi. Not only this, in the year 2005-2006, Chattak had also donated an unknown amount to the revolutionaries. Rajiv Gandhi Foundation 2005-06
The annual report of the US clearly states that the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation has been funded by the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China. Shatakka donated Rs 90 lakh to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, in the years 2006– 2007. The head of the BJP’s IT cell has cited the allegations on the
Rajiv Gandhi Foundation website. He tweeted that one of the activities started by the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies in 2004-05 is to be listed as China Association for International Friendly Contents (CAIFC).
Amit Malviya made a sensational accusation on the Congress and said that the nation of China
The ruling unit works to build the party’s image, gather intelligence and run propaganda. Amit Malviya has tweeted a screenshot of the activities given in ‘Our Story’ from the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation’s website and information on the work of CAIFC.

Amit Malviya @amitmalviya On the RGF website, one of the activities
undertaken by the RGCIS for 2004-05 is listed as ‘China Association for
International Friendly Contact’. What does CAIFC do? Collect intelligence, conduct propaganda and manage perception for the Communist Party of China. HT

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