Remind Them Of The Desire For Flowers, What Kind Of Farmer Movement That Stopped The Youth? Protesters Stopped The Way For Soldiers Going To Ladakh Border

The farmers in Abala went on a rampage in protest against the Farmers Bill, due to which the convoy of the Indian Army going to Ladakh remained stuck for hours.

Farmers’ organizations closed the Delhi-Amritsar highway in Abala and sat down on the road from all sides, did not refrain from even stopping the army trains, people are giving different kinds of reactions after the picture came out.

If these were real farmers, they would not have stopped the trains of the army, these people who had declared themselves to be farmers did not even leave the army convoy, forced to stay for many hours, the army convoy that was going to Ladakh, Going to protect the country

Was, yet these alleged farmers held back. Major Surendra Punia wrote in his tweet, Rahul

The disciples of G Ji stopped the Indian Army vehicles going to Ladakh on the road in the name of Kisan agitation. Brother, there is so much trouble with the army of India, then fight directly from China.

Punia further wrote, these farmers cannot exist… farmers and jawans are always there for each other

Let’s kill! The patriotic and vigorous composed by Makhanlal Chaturvedi ji to the farmers doing the above movement. poem

Remember the wish of the flower:

I do not want to desire flowers, I am from Surabala

Go into jewels,

Do not want to tie in the rosary

Tempt the goddess,

Do not want on the bodies of emperors

Hey, go green

Do not want on the heads of the gods

Climb on luck,

Break me banamali,

Throw you on that path!

Shining on the mother land,

Many brave jawans on the path

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