Congress Should Not Follow Twitter Head Conspiring Against India

The Congress considers its religion to be against all the issues of national interest. Or is it all
learned from Twitter Head by Congress? Today’s report is a
petition against Twitter India, accused of carrying out a conspiracy to promote the Khalistan movement.
Pakistan became an Islamic nation at the time of Partition, and India
began to identify itself as secular by being trapped in the trap of the Nehru-Gandhi family.

In fact, independent India is secular, not a secular pant. The Congress has been pursuing secular and secularism for wrong
trade or vote bank politics to uphold the power.
Right now
, Congress is making a statement in their favor to save the actors and actresses who are trapped in the drugs angle in Bollywood . Other similar tactics Congress is adopting
will be called an attempt to fragment India.
7 August 2020
Twitter censors video of Lord Ram and Ram temple, but
tweets protesting against Islamic groups : This is not the first time that Jack, the CEO of Twitter, has
adopted an anti-Hindu attitude .
October 7, 2015
An old tweet from Twitter’s new CEO Jack Dore
It has suddenly gone viral on social media sites
. It is being said to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus.

This tweet from Dor had done on 24 May. In this tweet, Hindu Gods and Goddesses have been killed.
In this tweeted photos, the teacher has put his face in place of the Hindu gods and goddesses.
Micro-? Logging holding poster with message “Smash Brahminical patriarchy?”

Following a picture, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has expressed outrage among Indian users. The photo was tweeted by a journalist, who shared the photo and said: “During Twitter CEO JC Jack’s visit, he and the legal head of Twitter” 1st David 4D “joined us in a round table on some female journalists, activists, writers and Twitter Participated.” Juddadhdhmdbahlddahl to discuss Twitter’s experience in India. A very practical, a word? The not-to-talk

Twitter censored video of Lord Ram and Ram temple

The Protest Against Twitter campaign was also run in India before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
Some of his pictures are published in the front page of this issue of Lokshakti.

In 2019, the tweeter was accused before the election that he had banned the tweeter accounts of BJP supporters
for influencing the election and, on the contrary, had made anti-India foreign elements available to the world, to influence the Lok Sabha elections. Only.

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