Payal Ghosh To File FIR Against Anurag Kashyap: BMC Declares Society As Containment Zone

23 September 2020

Anurag was about to file an FIR against Kashyap for sexual harassment

Payal Ghosh, but the Society was declared a Containment Zone by BMC. BMC has accused BMC of forcibly quarantining officers of Bihar Police who have come to investigate in Sushant Singh case. Now declaring Payal Ghosh’s society as BMC’s Containment Zone is also seen to be linked to this incident.

Yesterday, Payal Ghosh went to the Oshiwara police station to lodge an FIR against Anurag Kashyap. Where Payal stayed in the police station for about two hours, but her complaint was not recorded

09 Sep 2020- BMC demolishes Kangana production – film actress in Mumbai before it

BMC employees have demolished the structure under construction at Kangana Ranaut’s house. It is believed that the way Kangana Ranaut had given sharp statements about Maharashtra, Mumbai and Mumbai Police in the past. After that, this action is being done by BMC. Shiv Sena justified the action of BMC, while BJP termed it as a retaliation, Shiv Sena has been in power in BMC for more than two decades. On the action of BMC, BJP MLA Amit Satam tightened his stance and said that BMC has done this cracking action very promptly, now many illegal construction works have been done in such Bandra area, they also break BMC within 24 hours.

BMS had quarantined Bihar SP Vinay Tiwari

03 August 2020 – Patna City SP Vinay Tiwari arrived in Mumbai on Sunday evening to lead the Bihar Police investigation team in Mumbai and then he was quarantined by BMC, questions are being raised.

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