Necessary to debate on this in the current Parliament session: Some journalists and politician’s nexus with China is worried as the Bollywood-Pak-ISI alliance

20 September 2020

Pakistan-ISI agents infiltrate Bollywood:After Jaya Bachchan defending Bollywood in Parliament, BJP vice-president Jai Panda again alleged that Bollywood has been indisputably dependent on the underworld’s network of money and drugs with Pakistani links.

On 23 July 2020, Jai Panda also said that some celebrities have links with ISI and Pak Army. However, Baijayant Panda has not named any celebrity.

But on social media, Tony Ashai’s photo has gone viral with Shahrukh Khan and other film personalities.

  Similarly, a Pakistani alleged ISI agent Anil Musharrat is also photographed with various Bollywood celebrities Karan Johar, Anil Kapoor, Ranbir Singh etc.

 Pakistani family attended Sonam Kapoor’s wedding as special guests.

Baijayant Jai Panda has tweeted that he has documents that prove that many Bollywood celebrities have links to ISI – Pak Army.

This revelation by Panda was widely discussed in the media. Despite being asked repeatedly by TV channels like Times Now, the said Bollywood celebrities kept a lock on their mouths. He did not say a word in response.

In the opposite direction of the said silence, after the suspicious death of Disha Salian and Sushant Singh Rajput and the drug connection of Bollywood came to light, Bollywood is giving its reactions fearlessly by dividing into two factions. Why kept this silence on the revelations of Bollywood Panda?

>> Bollywood Drug Connection debated in Parliament BJP MP Ravi Kishan gave a statement in Parliament on this drug connection. In response, Jaya Bachchan gave her speech. That is, the subject was debated in Parliament.

Similarly, some time ago, BJP also accused the Congress of putting a mark on the Chinese embassy and the donation received from the Chinese government to the three foundations belonging to the Gandhi family.

Today now

Journalist Rajiv Sharma was sending confidential reports to China’s intelligence, arrested with Chinese woman.

Earlier, money transaction from hawala, a Chinese citizen arrested, was first caught in espionage. Chinese spy Charlie Peng set up a secret operation camp at Majnu Ka Tila.

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation has tied up with Chinese intelligence or institution CAIFC: BJP spokesperson.

Experts in China say CAIFC exists to influence foreign defense policies toward China and the Far East, cultivating relationships with former leaders and retired military officers and diplomats from various countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom is.

According to Professor Arthur Ding Shu-fan from the Taipei-based Chinese Council of Advance Policy Studies, “CAIFC is actually an intelligence agency attached to the General Political Department to study foreign military strategies. Its goal is to destroy the PLA’s enemies Have to come along, ”Ding said. “The case of Xing is probably part of a larger-scale political effort to clean up the intelligence system of Zhou and Xue’s partisans.”

Some of Bollywood’s stars have been exposed to Pak-ISI and some journalists and politicians have links with China and the spying being carried out by India right now in China. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss and debate this topic in the current session of Parliament.

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