Editorial :- Dubatee Naav Kaangres Vs Ugata Sooraj Bhaajapa

On July 21, 2018, the Telugu Desam was brought against the anti-Modi propaganda proposal. But Sonia Gandhi had said that she had enough numbers.

The result of the motion of disbelief proved that the non-confidence motion was against the alliance and not against the Modi government.

After that, the election of the post of Deputy Chairman came in the Rajya Sabha and in that Congress candidate was defeated by the JD (U) Harivansh.

The choice of deputy chairperson and the dismissal of the motion of no confidence is only the foreseeable election of 2019.

Congress is a sinking boat. Nobody wants to sit in it. On the contrary, BJP’s Kamal and PM Modi would like to salute all rising sun with sun worship.

BJD and Shiv Sena had excommunicated the House during the motion of no confidence. Both the parties voted in favor of the BJP-backed JDU candidate in the Sub-election election.

This proved that the BJP and Shiv Sena alliance will remain in the 2019 elections. Regardless of the price of the seats, he kept the eye on the BJP.

Telugu Desam Party also won the by-election, Congress Party also went against the Congress and voted in favor of the BJP supported JDU.

Today’s news has broken into the DMK. Karananidhi’s son Stalin’s elder brother MK Alagiri claims that the support of the DMK cadre is with him. So, he will inherit the same father’s legacy.

It is also clear from the fact that if some seats were reduced to the majority in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, then the BJP could compensate it with the Telugu Desam Party, BJD and Tamil Nadu Party.

BJP has tried to win the confidence of its allies on the one side through the Rajya Sabha by-election, while the Congress has also raised opposition parties against it.

Like the Aam Aadmi Party said that he supported Congress at the time of no confidence motion, but at the time of the Vice-Presidential election, Congress did not talk to him.

This kind of reaction was also made by the Congress’s other allies.

It is clear from the fact that the ability to take cooperation from other parties is not in the Congress party’s dwarf president Rahul. Rahul Gandhi is not destined for whatever he wants to climb up.

In the election to the Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker, it has made it clear that who stood in the elections of 2019.

Although TDP may have been standing with the Congress in the election of non-confidence motion and vice-presidency, it is not necessary that he should combine with the Congress in Lok Sabha elections.

YSR and TDP have a situation in Andhra Pradesh that they can neither support the Congress nor the BJP’s support.

BJP does not need any other ally other than NDA currently. The reason for this is that, between the allies of the NDA, only gradual progress is increasing and differences are getting reduced.

Hence Congress is a sinking vessel, those who are sitting in it will also descend and no new will try to climb it. PM Modi has emerged in the current politics of India by becoming a rising Sun, and so will all the salute to the rising sun and the lotus will be opened.

If Congress is to set itself up as a successful rival in the race then its president Rahul Gandhi will have to change his strategy. Should abandon its polymorphic form and come into the real form. After this, the results should be left to the public.

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